Sunday, February 6, 2011

Game Day was a blast!!

We had so much fun this past Friday with our game day. The kids got to share in playing their games and dance around the room to fun music.

The students also created a rubric for their 3-D robot projects. Having them create a rubric allows them to take ownership for their project. We also did a test analysis on the geometry test that they took last week. This helped them to learn from the mistakes that they made. Most students realized just how many careless mistakes that they made. The re-test was a huge success, many of our classmates went from failing the first test to getting a perfect score on the second test. I recorded both tests in the grade book, so the two scores will average out together. I told them that we would be doing this test analysis on every single test for the rest of the year. Depending on how the class does on the test, I will then decide whether or not we will have a re-test.

I sent home my newsletter last week that had a list of all of the students in our class for our Valentines Day party. Please remember that we are combining our Valentines Day party with our multiplication ice cream celebration. We will be celebrating knowing our facts with Mrs. Elam's class.

The geometric robot projects are due on February 14th as well. I look forward to these projects every year. The students are so creative with all of the 3-D objects that they find to use on the robots. Please remember that you do not need to buy anything to create these robots. Many products and toys found in the home are 3-D shapes. They may ONLY use 3-D space figures to make their robots.

Enjoy this Superbowl Sunday! Good luck to both the Packers and Steelers.

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