Monday, October 24, 2011


Today was our Boosterthon Fun Run pep rally and we really got pumped up. We cheered, danced, sang, and some of us ran. The Boosterthon team got us excited for our upcoming fun run on November 4. We need as much parent and family support as possible. All students came home with their "Fun Run" booklet. On this booklet is a code that you can log in to and get pledges from your family members. Make sure to log in tonight, so we can get the awesome reward of having the Boosterthon team with us during physical activity. There are a few rules that the students need to follow:
1. A pledge is a promise. If a person pledges this money, then they need to pay it after you have run your laps.
2. You may not ask teachers, other students, or strangers for pledges.
3. Have fun!

How does it work?

Ask Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, friends, and anyone else you know to make a pledge for every lap your child runs around the track. Let's say that grandma pledges $1.00 per lap run around the track and Sam runs 30 laps, then grandma would pay $30 at the end of the fun run. People can make their pledges directly to you or they can log-in on-line using your code. People can also pledge a flat amount if they would like, the money per lap just makes it fun for the kids.

Thank you for your support in this endeavor at our school.

**This will be our major fundraiser this year.

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