Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wells Fargo Banks!!

Our community service project will be coming to an end on Monday. Please have your child bring in their banks with all of the change they have collected. The banks are theirs to keep at home and enjoy. This community service project is the culmination of our money unit in both Imagine It and SS. The students will be counting the money that has been collected on Monday and Tuesday. We will present the money to a representative from the women's shelter at the end of this week. He will come in and accept the money from our students and then he will discuss with them how the money will be used, his career as a newscaster, and his work with the non-profit organization. He will explain to them the type of education that is needed to get a job in his field.

We will write thank you notes to the parent and Wells Fargo that donated the banks to our students. This will allow the students to practice writing friendly letters.

Thank you for your support in this worthy cause.

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