Monday, January 2, 2012

Where were you?!

That is the big question from our class today! We only had fourteen students at school today, but we had a blast with our learning. The students began the day writing a morning journal about, "What was the best thing you did over the holiday break?" (Please remember if your child is out, they are still responsible for the morning journals they missed.) We then completed morning math day one which reviewed over place value, value of numbers, adding and subtracting money, three digit addition, and patterns.

During math we completed a SOLVE problem which had us divide 54/6. We drew out six groups and then divided out the fifty-four things into the groups. We found out that there were nine in one group, so 54/6=9. We checked our answer by multiplying 9x6-54. We discuss every day that multiplication and division are the opposite of each other and they create a fact family. We then played multiplication BINGO, to practice our multiplication facts. We had two winners and they received a piece of candy and NO laps at recess.

During Imagine It, I introduced the Sun, Moon, and Stars unit and read the story Galileo's Journal. This is an historical fiction (ask your child about this genre) story and the students really enjoyed learning about the first telescope was invented. I always enjoy reading this story to the students, because they are so shocked that people did not understand how outer space worked. We practiced clarifying things we did not understand in the story. Ask your child to help you clarify something as you read with them tonight.

Today the students participated in a "Gallery Walk". They walked through the halls and wrote positive comments on other student's heritage projects. Everyone enjoyed seeing how all of the projects were created and so different! I will be recording the students doing their presentations over the next few days and then we will watch the video together as a class.

Tonight for homework they had one math sheet, that had a review of multiplication and division concepts. They need to read 30 minutes and study their multiplication flash cards.

See you tomorrow!

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