Monday, February 4, 2013

100th Day!

That's right, it was the 100th day of school today.  We wrote about the most important thing we felt that we had learned in our first 100 days and how it was going to help us in the future.

Writing Workshop:  We are continuing to work on our Hero prompt to practice for the writing test next month.

Reading Workshop:  This week we are working on the long a and long e sounds.  This week's passage is "Good Earth Necklace".  Today we practiced the R of RUNNERS.  R stands for "Read the title and introduction. Make a prediction."

Math Workshop:  We solved division problems using division as sharing and repeated subtraction.  The students are to practice the repeated subtraction strategy tonight for homework.

SS:  Today we read about the war between the states and General Sherman's march through SC.

**We kicked off the Pennies for Pasta campaign and our goal for the class is $500.  I know we can do it.

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