Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Late Start Means a Quick Day!!

Late start days always fly by and this one was no exception.  The day began with the classroom torn to pieces and the culprit was none other than William T. Sherman and his army.  The students had shock and anger on their faces and began to pick up the mess.  We had a class discussion about their reactions to what had happened and applied this to what happened in SC when Sherman actually marched through.  The students then wrote a story about what they would have felt like if they live during this time.  I had some really great stories and I was very proud of them.

Math:  We are finishing up our study of division with fact families.  We practiced creating fact families with three numbers, arrays, and filling in the missing numbers.  We will have a test on Friday.

Reading:  We are looking at the long vowel sounds a and e and consonant blends.  We finished unpacking the questions with the Good Earth Necklace.  This week we have looked at the strategies of Author's Purpose, Drawing Conclusions, Details, and Comparing and Contrasting.

**PTO family night at Wild Wing Cafe this Thursday!  This is the new one in front of Kohl's on Dave Lyle Blvd.**

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