Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Class Switching!

Today was the first day that we switched classes. The students had math with me first and then went to Mrs. Elam for their reading instruction. Gracie had this to say about today, "Today in reading we learned our vocabulary words, like chores and permission. We stapled up cards on the board for friendship. We used place value blocks in math to do problems with them like 39 and we kept adding up by 10's. We learned ones, tens, and hundreds place values. If there is a 9 in the hundreds place it is 900. We also went up to the 1000's as a challenge." Gracie really did a great job in summarizing what we did today in math. We used the place value blocks to discover the different values of our ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place values. We saw that in a number such as 396. The 6 is in the ones place and its value is 6 ones, the 9 is in the tens place and its value is 90, and the 3 is in the hundreds place and its value is 300. The students learned they can use flats=100, rods=10, and cubes=1 to show the correct amount in their number. They also learned the expanded form of writing a number: 300+90+6=396.

I forgot to ask Taniah on Friday what she wanted to say on the blog. Today she said that "Even though people are different you don't have to treat them differently or be mean." I'll leave today with that wonderful quote.

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