Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Place Value, Addition, and AR Oh My!

Today was the second day of our place value study in math. Today the students learned the three different forms of writing a number: Standard, Expanded and Word Forms. Standard Form is just a fancy way of saying "regular number", Expanded Form is like taking a rubber band and stretching the number out into the individual place values, and Word Form is writing down the way you say the number in words.

Example 1:
Standard: 126
Word: One Hundred Twenty Six
Expanded: 100+20+6=126

Example 2:
Standard: 1, 924
Word: One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Four
Expanded: 1000+900+20+4=1,924

You can have your child practice by drawing out some place value blocks and having them write down the number in the different forms. Mix it up a little bit by writing 4+900+20= and then having them write down the answer. They love to give problems like this on the EOGs.

We took our first addition timed test today. The students must be able to complete 100 addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems on individual tests and then mixed up in five minutes by the end of the school year. Please have your child begin practicing their addition flash cards every day.

We have started STAR testing to find out our AR reading levels. As soon as all of the students have finished testing I will send home the information that you will need to know about your child's reading level.

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