Friday, September 3, 2010

Comparing Numbers and First Reading Test

Today we learned how to compare numbers up to the 10,000 place value. Please check out how I taught this concept below so you can help your child at home.

Compare Numbers Up to 10,000
Greater Than: >
Less Than: <
Equal To: =
Remind your child that the "alligator" always chomps down on the larger amount.

If you are comparing the two numbers 10, 546 and 10, 559, the students will look at the biggest place value first and compare. If the number is the same, then we say the alligator can't make a decision and they need to move to the next place value and so on, until the alligator can choose the biggest number. 10, 546 < 10, 559 Read this number as 10, 546 is less than 10, 559.

The class took their first reading test and began working on their first reading passage using test taking strategies with Mrs. Elam. Mrs. Elam gave props to both Mekhi and Sophia on how well they did with the test taking strategies. There will be more information coming home to you about test taking strategies in the next nine weeks. I hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend. Please remember that we are off this Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Take care.

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