Thursday, September 23, 2010

Estimating Sums

Today we learned how to estimate sums. I told the students this is a fancy way of saying rounding two numbers and then adding. Some students are still struggling with basic rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. Please continue to review these concepts.

Estimating Sums

(Rounding) (Add)
When you estimate a sum, you will round the numbers either to the nearest 10s or 100s place. You will then add the two rounded numbers together to get an answer that is an estimate of the sum. Tests will ask this question in many different ways such as "Fred has 245 stickers and Bob has 546, about how many stickers do they have altogether?" '' Estimate the sum of 126+245 to the nearest 100."

Thank you to everyone that has paid the $6.50. We still have a few parents that need to pay. Please pay as soon as possible or send in a note letting me know that you are unable to pay at this time.

Third grade open house is next Tuesday. I will get the time for this to you tomorrow. Thank you for being so understanding while I was out for my recovery from my surgery. I am so glad to be back. This is such a wonderful class and I truly enjoy working with them.

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