Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Over the past few days we have been learning how to compare numbers up to the 10,000 place, round to the nearest 10s and 100s. I have listed how to do each skill with your child. We will have a test this Friday on these concepts plus place value, standard, expanded, word form, and values of numbers.

Order Numbers Up to 10,000 Place

Students will need to order numbers from least to greatest or from greatest to least.

For example: 1, 246; 5, 824; 1, 252
Greatest to Least: 5, 824; 1, 252; 1, 246
Least to Greatest: 1, 246; 1, 252; 5, 824

Another way they may ask a question like this is:

What is the smallest possible number you can make from these digits?

5 4 3 8

3, 458

What is largest possible number you can make from these digits?

5 4 3 8

8, 543

If you are comparing the two numbers 10, 546 and 10, 559, the students will look at the biggest place value first and compare. If the number is the same, then we say the alligator can't make a decision and they need to move to the next place value and so on, until the alligator can choose the biggest number. 10, 546 < 10, 559 Read this number as 10, 546 is less than 10, 559.

Rounding to the Nearest 10


Step 1: Underline the 10's place. This will help you decide which two tens 49 falls between.
Step 2: Draw an arrow underneath the four. Write 40 below the arrow. This tells you it could round down to 40.
Step 3: Draw an arrow above the four. Write 50 above the arrow. This tells you it could round down to 50.
Step 4: Circle the 9. This tells you whether you are going to round up or down.

0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Hit the floor. (Round Down)
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Raise the vine. (Round Up)

Step 5: The 9 is in the round up category so the number would round up to 550.

Round to the Nearest 100 Place

You will follow the same steps as above, but underline the 100s place to tell you which two 100s it could round to, and circle the tens place to tell you to round up or down.

Please remember that $6.50 is due this Friday for the Time for Kids magazine and owl pellets. I will be out for the next three days. I am having surgery tomorrow and then will be recovering at home.

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