Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HELP! My child doesn't get it. What can I do?

I hear this all the time from parents. My biggest suggestion to you is to check out my website, blog, the FROG binder, and now studyisland.com. This is a wonderful resource for you to use at home with your child. This allows them to practice both reading and math skills that they are learning in class. Most students usernames are: first name.last name Ex. jenna.patrick and their passwords are study. If this username does not work for your child, please have them ask me for their specific username.

The skills we have been learning over the past two days are:

Subtracting Two and Three Digit Numbers without Regrouping

1. Line up the place values.
2. Start in the ones place.
3. Ask yourself can I subtract these two numbers. If yes, then subtract through the place values. If no, please see subtracting with regrouping.
4. Check your work by adding the answer to the second number. If you get the third number, you are right!!! If you do not get the third number, then go back and check your work.

Example 1: 49 17
-32 +32
_____ ______
17 47

Example 2: 145 13
-132 +132
_____ _____
013 145

Subtracting Two and Three Digit Numbers With Regrouping (Borrow and Carrying for the old school people like me!)

1. Line up the place values.
2. Start in the ones place.
3. Ask yourself can I subtract the bottom number from the top number. If no, then you need to go next door to the tens and borrow one ten. Cross out the number in the tens place and make it one less, add the ten that you borrowed to the number in the ones place and subtract.
5. Check your work with addition.

Thank you for checking out my website and blog. I do my best to get to it everyday, but sometimes life gets in the way. Thank you for understanding.

***Please look for conference sign up sheets to come home next week!!!

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