Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Properties of Addition

Today the first math class took their math test and they will be learning the properties of addition tomorrow. The second math class went over the math test in small groups to correct their answers and then had a mini lesson on the properties of addition.

Properties of Addition

Commutative Property: No matter the order of the numbers the answer remains the same
Example: 3+4=7 4+3=7 so, 3+4=4+3

Associative Property: No matter how the numbers are grouped the answer remains the same.
Example: (2+1)+5=8 2+(1+5)=8 so, (2+1)+5=2+(1+5)

Identity (Zero) Property: When a number is added to zero the answer is that same number.
Example: 3+0=3

On Tuesday we went to Ms. Jones and Mrs. Surridge's classrooms to enjoy the SMART boards. The kids all got to touch the SMART board and then we watched some bones videos on the Discovery Education site. We will be trying to get into play with the SMART boards as often as we can.

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