Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Multiplication Flash Cards!!

I want to remind all parents that it is your responsibility to work with your child on their multiplication flash cards every night. They will be taking a timed test every week for the chance to earn an ice cream party. I will be teaching your child the concept of multiplication. I will make sure that they understand why 5 x 6=30. Yesterday they learned how to use repeated addition to solve a multiplication problem and today they learned how to draw a picture to represent each number sentence. Ask your child to show you how they would draw a picture to solve 12 x 2=.

Today we also had our vision checked by the school nurse. Many of our students may need to go to the doctor to have their vision checked further. Please ask your child if they were one of the students that had their orange card kept by the school nurse. If their orange card was kept that means that the nurse saw that they may need further testing done by their doctor.

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