Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Equivalent means equal!

Today we learned that equivalent means equal. We worked on comparing fractions with different numerators and denominators. We looked at equivalent fractions with unlike numerators and denominators.

Morning Journal: It's National Poetry Month! What is your favorite type of poem? Write a poem in your favorite prose.

Morning Math: Subtraction with Regrouping, Multiplication, greater than, less than, equal to.

Math: FRACTIONS!! Equivalent Fractions and how to find out if they are equivalent.
Set A: 1/2=2/4=3/6=4/8=5/10
Set B: 1/3=2/6=3/9=4/12=5/15

These are the only types of equivalent fractions that will be on the EOGs. We looked at the patterns in both of the sets.

Reading: Fluency through the reading of passages, reader's purpose, details, compare and contrast, context clues.

Report cards come home tomorrow. Third grade made the decision to send them home on Thursday, because we wanted to have time to write comments on them to assist you in preparing your child for the EOGs.

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