Monday, April 30, 2012

Running for Success!

We are running for success to the end of the school year.  We are now on a fast paced learning sprint.  Everyone has a job to be successful this school year and I wanted to know their plan for being getting on track for the rest of the year.

Morning Journal:  What are you going to do to be successful for the rest of the school year?

Morning Math:  Expanded Form, Multiplication, Addition, Two-Dimensional Shapes

Math:  FRACTIONS!!  Today we learned how to place a fraction on a number line.  The students learned that they need to count the number of hops from zero to one and that is the denominator.  The numerator is the first hop, second hop, and so on.  This goes over the top of the denominator.  We will review fractions on a number line tomorrow and Wednesday we will review all of the fraction concepts and take our test on Thursday.

Reading:  The genre this week is poetry.  We are comparing and contrasting two poems.  We looked at the QAR (Question, Answer, Relationships) for our questions. (Right There, Think and Search, Author and Me, On My Own)

EOGs May 15-17

Friday, April 27, 2012

What if you were on the Titanic?

We have finished our book I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic.  The students have been so interested in this book that now we have started a second Titanic series.  Book one is: Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship.  This book follows two young boys on their adventures before, during, and after the sinking of the Titanic. 

Morning Journal:  Pretend you were a passenger on the Titanic.  Describe your adventure and what you would do to survive.

Morning Math:  We completed the morning math test for this week.  I will grade them and we will go over the correct answers.

Math:  FRACTIONS!  We practiced turning a mixed number into an improper fraction.  We drew pictures to show the mixed number and used repeated addition to find the improper fraction.  We discussed how repeated addition is actually multiplication.  I showed them the short cut version of multiplying the denominator by the whole number and then adding the numerator of the fraction.  We placed this number on top as the numerator and used the same whole as the denominator.  For example:

2 1/2= 2x2=4+1=5; Put 5 as the numerator and 2 as the denominator to make the improper fraction of 5/2. 

Using mixed numbers will guide us into next week's lesson of putting fractions on a number line.

Discuss with your child some real world examples of using mixed numbers: pizzas, cookies, cakes, etc.

Reading:  We took the vocabulary test for this week's story and the comprehension test.

EOG Dates
May 15th: Reading
May 16th: Math
May 17th: Math

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Half Way Through!!

It's Wednesday and we are half way through the week!  It has been a productive week so far in our classroom.  We have been working hard on fractions and applying all of our reading skills and strategies.  Last night was a late night for me at school, because I attended the Respectability foundations assembly at our school.  They honored Pineville as the 2011-2012 Respectability School of the Year.  It is nice to know that everyone else thinks we are as great as I do.

Morning Journal:  What do you do in your life to show perseverance?

Morning Math:  Place Value, Addition, Measurement, Subtraction, Ordering Numbers from Least to Greatest

Math:  FRACTIONS!  Today we learned about mixed numbers.  We had a long discussion about what the word mixed means to us and then talked about whole numbers and fractions.  We looked at how we combine a whole number with a fraction to create a mixed number.  I introduced turning the mixed number into an improper fraction, but we will continue to work on this skill for the next two days.  I told them if they are confused right now, to not worry because it will be cleared up soon.  Don't forget to check out and to help your child practice their math skills.

Reading:  We practiced the following skills and strategies: main idea, inference, cause and effect, sequence, context clues, and details.  As your child reads their book tonight ask them the main idea of the story (the lock) and have them tell you the supporting details to that main idea (the keys).

EOG Schedule
May 15th:  Reading
May 16th: Math
May 17th: Math

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Spring has definitely sprung in our classroom.  It might not feel like it outside, but within our classroom we are ready for the warm weather and to be outside.  Please remind your child that they need to be respectful of everyone's learning in the classroom, by listening and following directions at all times.  We have a lot of outside conversations going on during instruction and this is causing some problems with other students.  We still have six weeks of school left and there is a lot of learning to be done.  Thank you for your help.

Morning Journal:  Yesterday was Earth day!  Imagine that you are charged with saving the Earth.  Describe your adventure and how you would save the Earth.

Morning Math:  Place Value, Subtraction word problem, addition, subtraction, multiplication, two-dimensional figures.

Math:  FRACTIONS!!  Today we learned how to find a fractional part of a set.  For example: 1/3 of 9.  You would take the whole number 9 and divide by 3, take the answer 3 and multiply it by the numerator.  1/3 of 9=3.

Imagine It:  This week we are applying our skills and strategies to a fiction passage.  It is an old Chinese fairy tale about learning to respect others.

Foundation for Respectability Program is tomorrow night at 7:00pm.

Friday, April 20, 2012

AR Celebration!

Today was the AR celebration!  It was fun getting to celebrate all of our readers.  EVERYONE in our class made their AR goal for the third quarter.  We are hard at work on our fourth quarter goals.

Morning Journal:  If you could have any pet, what would it be and why?

Morning Math:  We took the morning math test for week 25.  We will go over the correct answers on Monday.

Math:  FRACTIONS!!  We took a test on fractions!  We will go over the correct answers on Monday.

Reading:  We took our test on North Carolina.  We continue to practice the reading skills and strategies that we have learned all year.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

AR Assembly Tomorrow at 9:15!!

The AR assembly will be tomorrow at 9:15.  We are raising money for the ASPCA and celebrate our pets.  Please have your child wear orange and if you have any loose change to donate for Pennies for Pets we would appreciate it.

Morning Journal:  It's national movie day.  If you could be in any movie, what would it be and why?

Morning Math:  Please make sure your child studies the morning math sheet for our test tomorrow.  We went over all of the problems that will be on the test tomorrow.

Math:  FRACTIONS!!  Today we learned how to cross multiply to find equivalent fractions.  Once again the multiplication and division facts are coming back to haunt us.  Please make sure your child is studying the flash cards every night.

Reading:  We reviewed over the vocabulary words and all of the strategies for this week's test.

AR Assembly tomorrow at 9:15!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Equivalent means equal!

Today we learned that equivalent means equal. We worked on comparing fractions with different numerators and denominators. We looked at equivalent fractions with unlike numerators and denominators.

Morning Journal: It's National Poetry Month! What is your favorite type of poem? Write a poem in your favorite prose.

Morning Math: Subtraction with Regrouping, Multiplication, greater than, less than, equal to.

Math: FRACTIONS!! Equivalent Fractions and how to find out if they are equivalent.
Set A: 1/2=2/4=3/6=4/8=5/10
Set B: 1/3=2/6=3/9=4/12=5/15

These are the only types of equivalent fractions that will be on the EOGs. We looked at the patterns in both of the sets.

Reading: Fluency through the reading of passages, reader's purpose, details, compare and contrast, context clues.

Report cards come home tomorrow. Third grade made the decision to send them home on Thursday, because we wanted to have time to write comments on them to assist you in preparing your child for the EOGs.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We all need to remember to smile, no matter what is going on around us. The students all learned that today. Despite the other things that people are saying or doing around you, you always need to take a second to smile! :)

Morning Journal: If you could interview Thomas Jefferson, what would you ask him about?

Morning Math: Elapsed Time, Fractions, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Patterns

Math: FRACTIONS!! Today we looked at comparing and ordering fractions. This time we looked at fractions when the numerator is more than one. The students struggled with this concept today, so I am going to reteach the lesson tomorrow. Today, I sent home a review of labeling the shaded parts of a fraction. We will have a quiz tomorrow on parts of a whole, recognizing fractions, and comparing fractions with the numerator as one.

Reading: This week's skills and strategies focus are: reader's purpose, details, compare and contrast, context clues. Today we looked at the vocabulary in the passage and how to figure out the meanings of words using the context clues in the text.

Report cards come home Thursday!!

AR assembly is this Friday!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

100th Anniversary of the Titanic!

Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic! I have been reading the "I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic" to the students. Today we started a discussion about the Titanic and what happened to this ship. The students were so interested, that I decided Friday will be Titanic Day! We are going to learn about all things Titanic. I am going to teach about the sinking of the ship through math, reading, and SS.

Morning Journal: It's National Airplane Day! Would you like to fly in an airplane? Imagine that you are the first kid pilot, describe your travels.

Morning Math: Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication

Math: FRACTIONS!!! Today we learned how to put fractions in order from least to greatest and greatest to least. We went over the correct answers to the morning math test from Friday.

Reading: We practiced identifying the genre of a story. We looked at the QAR's for this week's passage.

Report cards come home on Thursday!

AR assembly is this Friday. The time will be announced soon.

The following tests came home today: Morning Math Week 24, "How to Make a Kite" passage and vocabulary test.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Thank Goodness It's Friday! I know the students are probably ready for a break. We have not had a special since Monday and we have been learning at a high speed. I sent home a few review sheets for reading, math, and one for third grade. I hope this helps you prepare your child for the EOGs in May. The EOGs will be the week of May 14th. I will send a more exact schedule soon.

Morning Journal: Design a kite. Explain how to make the kite in step by step directions. Draw a picture of your kite.

Math: FRACTIONS! I introduced comparing fractions. We looked very closely at how you need to pay attention to the denominator and think about how many pieces it has been split into. The bigger the denominator, the smaller the piece. We will review this concept on Monday and add in ordering fractions.

Reading: We took the test on our passage and this week's vocabulary.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Field Day!!

Field day was a lot of fun and our students represented Mexico well in the Pineville Olympic games.

Morning Journal: Create a kite. Write a how to on making your kite. Describe what it will look like and how it works. Draw a picture of your kite.

Morning Math: Pictograph, Patterns, Estimating Sums

Math: FRACTIONS!! We continued parts of a set and tomorrow we will focus on how to compare fractions.

Reading: Tomorrow we will complete the following directions passage that we have worked on all week. This will be there reading grade, instead of the Imagine It test. They will also take a vocabulary test on all the words for this week. The students have a passage with questions to answer that is due tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Field Day Tomorrow!!

Field day is tomorrow from 10:30-12:35. If you would like to join us to cheer on our kids, you are more than welcome. Please make sure your child wears sneakers, sunscreen, and brings a water bottle with their name on it.

Morning Journal: It's National Guitar Day!!! What musical instrument do you like best and why?

Morning Math: Addition with Number Lines, Place Value, Multiplication

Math: FRACTIONS!! Today we focused on fractions as a part of a set. For example: What is the fraction for the number of dogs, if you have a set with three dogs and two cats? 3/5!

Imagine It: Skills and Strategies: Inference, Compare and Contrast, Text Organization, Author's Purpose, Sequence, Details, Context Clues.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Artist Day!

Morning Journal: Which one of the following artist is your favorite and why? Monet, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, or Picasso. The students had pictures to look at and got to choose their favorite and describe why it was their favorite.

Morning Math: Place Value with Place Value Blocks, Elapsed Time, Multiplication, Patterns

Math: FRACTIONS!! Today we looked at the numerator and the denominator of a fraction in greater detail. We saw how the top number is ALWAYS the part and the bottom number is ALWAYS the whole. The students drew some pictures to go with fractions and labeled the fractions.

Reading: We looked at some of the skills and strategies that we have used this year such as: inferences, compare and contrast, sequence, author's purpose, details, text features, context clues. We saw how different questions can ask the same skill or strategy in a different way. We focused on some of the vocabulary in our passage and our questions. We practiced our fluency by reading the passage aloud.

Field Day: Thursday, April 12 at 10:30

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Mexico!

We had to pick a country to represent at the Pineville "Olympics: aka field day" on Thursday and we took a class vote and decided on Mexico. I had the students write a short paragraph about which country they would like to represent and why, then we had a class debate. The class took a vote and Mexico won by a land slide. We will create the Mexican flag tomorrow and wave them proudly at the opening games on Thursday at 10:30.

Morning Journal: I had a fantastic break. What did you do over your spring break? This quarter we have upped our sentence quota to twelve sentences per morning journal. This will fully prepare them to write a complete paper in fourth grade.

Morning Math: Expanded Form, 3-dimensional shapes, addition, subtraction, multiplication.

Math: FRACTIONS!!!! Today I introduced equal parts of a whole with the numerator being the top number of a fraction and the bottom number being the denominator. We looked at shapes split into halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, tenths, and twelfths. Fractions are always a difficult concept for students. Please review this each night with your child.

Reading: We looked at the genre of directions. We looked at the different QAR (Question, Answer, Relationships): Right There, On My Own, Think and Search, and Author and Me. We will continue to look more in depth at passages and how to apply all of the skills and strategies we have learned this school year.

AR: New goals are being set for the fourth and final quarter of the year. ALL of our students made their goals for the third quarter. Please come out and celebrate with us on Friday, April 20th.