Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Field Trip and Wacky Wednesday and 12-12-12!!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for us in class.  We are taking a field trip to Brattonsville and we will get to see what it was like on a regular school day during the Colonial Days.  Tomorrow is also Wacky Wednesday!  The students can dress up as wacky as they want to.  Backwards clothes, shorts on top of pants, mismatched shoes or socks, crazy hair and remember if they dress up, please have them bring a canned good or five or $.25 or five.  Tomorrow is also historical in that it will be 12-12-12!  This will not happen again for 100 years!

Number of the Day:  137 (next odd, next even, ten more, ten less, number in words, number in flats, rods, and cubes)

Writing Workshop:  We read the story Olive the Reindeer.  This is a cute story about a dog that misunderstands the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song and she thinks they say "Olive the other reindeer."  She takes off on an adventure to the North Pole.  The students created their own reindeer's and came up with three characteristics to describe their reindeer.  We will write stories about our reindeer and their adventures.

Reading Workshop:  We finished our reindeer and then took a reading mini assessment.  The students continued to work on their reading workshop activities.

Math Workshop:  I read a math story about Sandy Bean that always liked to count anything and everything, but she discovered that counting took to long when counting a lot of items.  She found out that multiplication was a good way to add faster.  We practiced solving some multiplication problems and then created some of our own.

Science:  We looked at our celery stalk and saw how the water moved through the roots.  We watered our seeds and then created a study guide of a diagram of a seed and plant.  This test will be next week.

**Field trip tomorrow.
**Wacky Wednesday (Bring canned goods!)

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