Monday, December 3, 2012

Field Trip Fun!

We had a blast at our field trip on Friday.  I am working on a slide show of all the pictures that I took and I hope to have it up on my blog by this Friday.

Morning Journal:  What is your favorite Sesame Street character and why?

Reading Workshop:  We are beginning our study of biographies and autobiographies.  We will be writing our own autobiographies and choosing a famous African American to write a biography about.

Math Workshop:  We practiced solving growth pattern word problems by using a t-chart.  The t-charts help to keep us organized when working with such large numbers.

SS:  We created a battle map of SC to show where all of the battles in our state took place.  We will continue to add to this map as we study more battles.  We will have a test on the Revolutionary War this Friday.  The study guide will come home tomorrow.

Science:  We watched a short video about plants and how they grow.  Tomorrow we will plant our first seeds and observe how they grow over a two week period.

**Holiday program is this Wednesday!!

**Town Hall meeting this Friday!!

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