Friday, December 14, 2012

Blogger slacker!

I'm sorry to you guys that I have been a blogger slacker this week.  My entire family has been sick with this funk and it seems that it is my turn now.  We have had a busy week with the dress up days, can collecting (we got 110), and the field trip.  Next week is going to be very busy and fun as well.  Monday is going to be a regular school day and we will continue with multiplication, biographies, plants, and the aftermath of the Revolutionary War.  Tuesday will bring Holidays Around the World to our classroom.  The students will travel to each classroom and will learn about different holidays that are celebrated all around the world.  On Wednesday, we are going to have Polar Express Day.  We will wear our jammies to school, read the story, complete many different writing and reading activities, make a multplication Santa, drink hot cocoa (Mrs. Claus' own recipe), and enjoy a viewing of the movie.  This is always a fun day and the kids have a blast.

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