Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Program Tonight!!

The holiday program is tonight at Castle Heights Middle School.  The students need to wear green, blue jeans, and sneakers.  They must be there at 6:30 in the chorus room.  You can pick them up after the program from the chorus room.

Morning Journal:  Happy birthday Mickey Mouse!!  What is your favorite Disney character and why?

Science:  Today we pulled apart our lima bean seeds so we could see the different parts.  We found the embryo, seed coat, and cotyledons (dicot and monocot). 

The students need to know the following definitions from this lesson:
germination: when a seed begins to develop
organisms: all living things, including plants and animals
growth: when an organism gets bigger
seedlings: young plants that grow from seeds
roots: first structure to grow.  Grows downward and hold the plant to the ground and gets nutrients.
stem:  grows up and supports the rest of the plant.
leaves:  flat (usually) green parts of the plant

SS:  We reviewed over the answers to the study guide and I introduced the Heritage project.  The heritage project is the culminating activity to our Global Children's Challenge.  The student's will research the country of their heritage.  Please note: the only people from the United States are Native Americans, so unless your family is Native American, your child should not be doing the United States.

**Town Hall meeting on Friday.  Please have them wear their Independence shirt or red.

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