Thursday, December 6, 2012

Program was amazing!!

I once again would like give a big congrats to Mrs. Colter for the awesome holiday program that she put on last night.  The kids did a great job.

Number of the day: 663 (next odd, next even, count on three, count back three)

Writing Workshop:  We are finishing up our final drafts of the small moment stories that we created.

Reading Workshop:  We are continuing to study biographies and today the students made a time line of 10 important events in their life.

Math Workshop:  Today we completed the review centers for our pattern unit.  We will have a test on patterns tomorrow.  The students need to know how to solve color, shape, picture, and number patterns, in/out (function) boxes, growth patterns, and missing addends.

SS:  We watched a Detective Bonz video about South Carolina and the Revolutionary War.  We have a test tomorrow.  The study guide came home two days ago.

Science:  We discussed where seeds are found, how water effects seeds, changes that we think we will see after 5 more days of observation of our seeds, and what is inside a seed.

**Town Hall meetings tomorrow.  Please have your child wear an Independence shirt or red, white, and blue.

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