Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 more days!!!

Only ten more days until school it out!  There is no school on Monday, May 28th.  This is Memorial Day, please use this day to celebrate with your family and discuss the importance of Memorial Day.

Morning Journal:  It's National Brother Day.  If you have a brother, what do you like to do with him and if you do not, what would you like to do with a brother if you have one.

Morning Math:  Place Value, Fractions, Compare and Order Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Bar Graphs, Multiplication

Math:  Telling time on an analog clock to the nearest five minute.  We will have an elapsed time test on Thursday of next week.

Science:  Different kinds of soil and how to tell the differences between each kind.

SS: The seven continents and four oceans.  We learned a song about the seven continents to help us remember them better.  We read about a few different kinds of maps and how they are used.  We will have a test on labeling the seven continents and four oceans, next Wednesday.

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