Tuesday, May 29, 2012

8 more days and counting!!

Morning Journal:  It is national wear sunscreen day!!  What is your ideal activity to do on summer vacation?

Morning Math:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiple Step Word Problem, Multiplication

Math:  We played review game with elapsed time.  I also went through problems that will be just like the ones on our test tomorrow.  The students were told to bring home their math journals to practice the problems tonight.  If they bring it back signed and returned to show they studied, then they will receive 10 bonus points on their test.

Reading:  We completed a sequencing activity with our story from last week.  We have begun to create our own time lines of important events in our lives.

Writing:  We have started creating our third grade memory books.  This allows the students to reflect on all they have done and learned this school year.

Science:  We looked at minerals that we use and need in every day life.  We focused on renewable, nonrenewable, and pollutions effect on these resources.

SS:  We reviewed the seven continents and four oceans.  They will have a test tomorrow on this concept.  They all have a study guide that was brought home on Friday.  If they bring it back signed and returned tomorrow, then they will receive 10 bonus points on their test.

Heritage Day Picnic is Friday at 12:00 pm.  This is a day of celebration for our school.  The mayor comes and gives a speech at 9:00 am and reflects back on the ways Pineville has changed throughout the years.  It also allows us to celebrate the diversity in our school.  The students will participate in many different activities before the family picnic at 12:00 pm.  All are invited, but if you are unable to attend due to a conflict, then please send in a bag lunch with you child and they will picnic with me and the class.  If you would like to attend and want to sign your child out, then you are more than welcome to do this.  If you can only attend for the picnic, then you will need to sign them for the picnic and then sign them back in after you are done. 

AR:  We are way behind in our AR points and goals.  EVERY student will bring home an AR book each night.  They MUST read this book and be prepared to take an AR test the next morning.  The end of this quarters AR is next Wednesday and the assembly will be next Thursday.

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