Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's National Sibling Day!

Do you have a brother or sister?  I happen to have a sister and today is her birthday!

Morning Journal:  If you have a sibling, describe a time you had fun with them.  If you do not have a sibling, tell me what you would like to do if you had one.

Morning Math:  Addition, Subtraction, Place Value, Patterns

Math:  FRACTIONS!  We reviewed all of the fraction concepts that we have learned.  The test will be tomorrow.  All of the students brought home a review sheet with the fraction concepts on it to study.

Reading:  We reviewed the vocabulary for this week's story.  The following skills are the focus this week:  context clues, drawing conclusions, compare and contrast, figurative language, text features.

EOG Schedule
May 11th:  Pep Rally in Classroom at 1:30.
May 15th:  Reading
May 16th: Math
May 17th:  Math

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