Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To pass or not to pass, that is your decision.

We had a long conversation today about the EOGs and the most effective way to pass.  We discussed some of the problems with listening and paying attention and how we thought they could do better at these things.  Some of the students claimed it was a "habit" to talk while other people were talking and I told them that this was a habit they needed to break quickly.  We only have a week and a half until EOGs and I still have two more math units to teach.  We need FOCUS at this point on everything.  Please help me to encourage your child to listen and focus during this important time.

Morning Journal:  If you could create any restaurant, what would it be and why?

Math:  Adding Money, Patterns, Multiplication Fact Families, Subtraction with Place Value Blocks.

Math:  FRACTIONS!!!  We reviewed over all of the fraction concepts that we have studied.  We will play a review game tomorrow for a test on fractions, Thursday!

Reading:  Today we covered the following skills and strategies: context clues, compare and contrast, drawing conclusions, figurative language, text features, imagery.

EOG Test Dates
May 15: Reading
May 16: Math
May 17: Math

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