Thursday, August 23, 2012

And we are off and running!!!

Today we began by writing a morning journal about how to make our school a bully free zone.  This is a very important subject, because bullying is becoming so prominent in our schools.  Ask your child today what they think they can do to stop bullying.  We continued writing our imaginative summer stories and they are coming along great.  We will share these stories tomorrow with the class. 

We had PE today and the kids had a blast.  Please make sure your child wears their sneakers every Thursday.

During reading, we looked in the reading center and brainstormed different kinds of books they would like to read this school year. We also continued reading our "I Survived" book.  The students are really enjoying this story.

In math we played a review Jeopardy game on addition, subtraction, patterns, money, and time.  I was very excited to see how great the students did with these concepts.

In SS, we looked at a map of South Carolina and discussed the different features on a map.  Ask your children what features they noticed on the map today.

For Science, we looked at the Scientific Method and different safety rules for completing an experiment. 

We completed another following directions activity and created a fun monster.  The students brought the monster and a library inventory home.  The library inventory is due tomorrow.

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