Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome Back!!

Today was the first day of school and we had a blast!!  We began the day with responding to a morning journal.  The students answered the question:  What advice would you give some of your classmates to be a good friend?  They had to write at least three sentences.  We talked a little bit about our classroom rules and what we would like them to be this year.  We brainstormed a list of rules and we will continue to narrow them down on Thursday and Friday.  We read the book Chrysanthemum, about a little girl that gets picked on because of her long name.  We talked about how everyone is different and we should accept everyone for who they are in our classroom.  I made sure that the students understood that we are a family and we work together in everything.  We practiced creating a graph with our names and then the students got to make a graph out of Skittles!!  Eating the Skittles was the best part of course.  They created their own graphs in their journals and polled the class on some of their favorites.  We played a following directions activity where I sang the directions and the students created a picture of a character named Mac-A-Lena.  Once again we discussed differences in people and the importance of following directions.  We finished the day by creating a "My Me Poster".  These are hung up in the classroom!  The students have a small homework assignment tonight.  They need to fill in the "My First Day" sheet and return it to school tomorrow.  I am ready for the second day of school and I hope your child is also.

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