Friday, August 31, 2012

Enjoy the long weekend!!

We have no school on Monday!!  Enjoy your long weekend with your family. 

Morning Journal:  It's national best friend day.  Describe your best friend in three sentences.  The students got their first morning journal grade today.  This quarter I am only grading them on the completion of the morning journals.

Reading Workshop:  We created a list of reasons we might abandon books.  The students created an awesome list and had some really creative reasons as to why we might give up on a book.  I will be adding in the next aspect of reading workshop next week: Word Work.

Math Workshop:  We made a bar graph of the students favorite type of candy.  They polled each other with a tally mark graph and then used that information to create a bar graph.  They created four questions that went with their bar graph and turned it in to me.  They received a score based on whether or not they had all of the pieces they needed in their bar graph.  It was a score out of 10 points.

Science:  Our focus was still on sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.  Today we looked at our 12 rock samples and tried to figure out the specific names for these rocks by looking at a description.  We will continue this activity on Tuesday.

SS:  We reviewed over the Blue Ridge Region and the Piedmont Region and their locations.  We read about the Sandhills Region and the Inner Coastal Plains Region.  We colored these regions in on our graphs.  We will have a test on all the regions on Friday.

The book order is due next Friday!  Thank you for a great first week.

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