Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What kind of rock is that?

We are trying very hard to answer that question in our class.  We want to find out what type of rocks we have out of 12 samples.  Today we were just making observations about the different types of rocks.  Tomorrow we will try to classify and categorize each of these types of rocks.

Morning Journal:  If you could visit any state, which one would it be and why?

Writing Workshop:  We presented our imaginative stories to each other today and I have to say for their first stories, these are awesome.  I will be displaying these outside in the hallway.  I hope that you will be able to see them.

Reading Workshop:  Today we looked at which types of books would be easy, just right, or difficult.  We discussed and brainstormed different things that we thought would go under each category.  The students then picked books that they thought were just right.  Most of the students got to read to me today and I will get to all of the others tomorrow.

Math Workshop:  We continued to look at tally mark graphs and frequency charts.  The students are creating their own tally mark graphs tonight for homework.  They are supposed to poll family members to see what type of food they like best and then put it into a graph.

Science:  We looked at 12 different rock samples and wrote observations that went with those rock samples.  We will discuss these tomorrow and try to put these in the correct categories.

SS:  I did not get to SS today.  I gave the students extra time in science, because we were having so much fun looking at the rocks.

**Don't forget that the fundraiser came home yesterday and is due on September 17th.

Tuesday Folders:  All boys got a Boy Scout Flyer, All girls got a Girls on the Run Flyer, All students got a book order and WatchDog Dads invitation.

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