Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are you ready for Friday?

I know that I am ready for Friday, but the question is are you?  This week has been a lot of fun and tomorrow will be no exception.  We have learned so much this week and we will continue the race to learn tomorrow.

Number of the Day: 1100 (word form, ordinal numbers, ten more, ten less)

Writing Workshop:  We looked at how to check our writing after we have finished writing a new piece.  We practiced checking capital letters, punctuation, misspellings, and not beginning a sentence with because or and.  These are things that we will continue to work on every time we complete a morning journal.

Reading Workshop:  We reviewed over our sound spellings for this week with the sounds of /s/, /j/, and long a and e.  We discussed the characteristics of a myth and legend and the differences between the two.

Math Workshop:  We practiced adding two numbers and regrouping with a place value chart and blocks.

SS:  We discussed the reasons that the Charles Town settlement in SC was so successful and the different crops that were grown her for both profit and their own enjoyment.  Ask your child to name at least two of each for review.

Science:  We took our test on fossils and soil.  This will come home in their Tuesday folders.

**Picture day is on October 16th.**

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