Friday, October 19, 2012

Yes, it's true!!!

If your child tells you there was a snake in our classroom today, then they are telling you the truth.  A snake came out of our air conditioner today when I turned it on.  I immediately got the students out of the classroom and Mr. Swygert and a few other teachers came to the rescue.  We got the snake out safely with only a few screams from me.  (I do not like snakes.)  I was turning on the air for our GCC Gold Challenge today.  We are all trying to get 33,000 steps (1/2 marathon) to compete for the gold pedometers.  We stopped periodically throughout the day to exercise and dance.  This helped most of us get a few more steps.  The students can keep earning steps for the gold challenge throughout the day.

Morning Journal:  It's Candy Corn day!!  If you could build something with candy corn, what would it be and how would you build it?

Writing Workshop:  We continued working on our Power Point presentations.

Reading Workshop:  We read a short informative article about bats echolocation.  The students had to figure out what would be the supporting details in the article to unlock the main idea.

Math Workshop:  We exchanged our word problems that we created for homework and practiced unpacking a few different multi-step problems.  The students took a short quiz on addition.

SS:  We took our SS test on Native Americans, Explorers, and the settlements of the new world.

Science:  We reviewed over land and water features for a quiz on Monday.

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