Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Slow and Rapid Changes

We have a test tomorrow on slow and rapid Earth changes.  The students are bringing home a study guide today with the things they need to know on the test.

Morning Journal:  We use coal and oil in our daily lives.  Describe three ways that we use coal and oil.

Writing Workshop:  We read a book about Earthquakes.  We made a list of facts and opinions from the book.  This allowed us to review one of the rapid changes that happens on the Earth.

Reading Workshop:  We read an article about "Slithering Snakes".  The article had five pictures on it that needed captions.  The students wrote captions to go under each of these five pictures.

Math Workshop:  The students moved around the room and solved each others word problems.  The student with the most word problems solved, correctly, received a prize!!  We completed a problematic task where the students were discovering how addition and subtraction relate to each other.

Science:  Please see above with slow and rapid changes.

**No school on Friday or Monday.

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