Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pasta and Pajamas

I hope that all of you that were able to attend Pasta and Pajamas night had a great time.  I'm very sorry I was unable to attend.  I am still not feeling completely up to par.  I am now on an antibiotic, so hopefully it will kick in soon.

Number of the Day: 900 (next odd #, next even #, add 10, subtract 10, When is this number little? When is this number big?)

Writing Workshop:  We worked on a small moment story.  Instead of writing a story about an entire weekend, we are trying to focus on a small moment of our weekend.  I gave the students the example of my weekend trip to the mountains.  I told them the story of my entire weekend and then told them the small moment of me almost drowning on my white water rafting trip.  The almost drowning part was only over three minutes, but I gave a lot of details and focused on my feelings in that moment. One word: SCARY!!!

Reading Workshop:  This week we are focusing on tall tales and myths.  Our phonics focus is the /j/ sound spelled -ge and -gi_, the /s/ sound spelled -ce and -ci_, long /a/ spelled -a and -a_e, and long /e/ spelled -e and -e_e.  Have your child locate these sounds and sound spellings as they read their book each night.

Math Workshop:  We took our test on rounding and these will come home next Tuesday.

SS:  We looked at the effect that the settlers had on the Native Americans in SC, both the good and bad.

Science:  We started reviewing for our soil and fossil test.  We will take this test on Thursday.

**Picture day is October 16th.  Order forms came home in your child's Tuesday folder.

**Tomorrow is late start day.  Your child must be at school by 9:30am.

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