Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mmmmm, Sweet Frog!!

Sweet Frog frozen yogurt was very good tonight!!  I had the caramel coffee with Butterfinger and white chocolate pieces on it.  My boys had chocolate with sprinkles.  It was enjoyed by all, which was very apparent by the chocolate mustaches I had to clean off.

Number of the Day:  200

Writing Workshop:  We practiced thematic writing today.  We used our mineral observation sheets to get people to guess which mineral was our favorite.

Reading Workshop:  We are continuing our study of long vowel sounds.  We are beginning to look at the characteristics of legends.  We have already read The Legend of the Bluebonnet and The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie DePaola.  Both of these legends are written to explain things that happen in Texas.

Math Workshop:  Today we reviewed rounding to the nearest 10 and I introduced rounding to the nearest 100.  Please look in your child's math journal for examples on how to round.

SS:  We looked at the explorers that came to South Carolina and we are starting to create a pictorial guide as if we were an explorer coming to SC.

GCC:  We are in Venezuela.  Please check it out!!

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