Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crazy Socks and Mismatched Shoes

Tomorrow we will be "Stepping Out Against Drugs" by wearing crazy socks and mismatched shoes. 

Morning Journal:  What are you doing for Halloween today?

Reading Workshop:  We read a short article about the rainforest and the students had to find facts (something you can prove) and opinions (something that you think or feel) from the article.  They also read some sentences and had to tell whether or not they were facts or opinions.

Math Workshop:  We practiced subtraction with regrouping to the 10's and the 100's.  We played a game of rolling the dice and subtracting our two numbers.  The students began creating subtraction word problems for a quiz on subtraction.

SS:  Today we read about the colonists and how they were first ruled by the regulators.   The original colony of Carolina split into three sections: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. These regulators made the colonist mad and they contacted the king of England for help.  He appointed a governor of South Carolina, but this did not work either, because he was located in Charleston and couldn't get across the state fast enough to help.  The colonists once again complained and the king set up the government for them.  He first appointed a Royal Governor, who appointed a Royal Council, who appointed the Commons House of Assembly (the local government).  The only problem with the Commons House of Assembly is that the royal governor could veto anything they decided.  The Bristish government then began to tax the colonist and once again the colonists were angry.

Science:  We had a fun activity today where we took a solid (caramel), turned it into a liquid (melted caramel), and then turned it back into a solid (candy apples).  It was a yummy experiment and taught the students about solids, liquids, and gases.

**REPORT CARDS DID NOT COME HOME TODAY!!!!  They were misprinted and we will get new ones as soon as possible.  Thanks for understanding.

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