Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7 days left!!

NO morning journal.  We read AR instead!!!

Morning Math:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Patterns, Place Value

SS:  We took our test on the continents and oceans.

Science:  Natural Resources, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reading:  We finished the time lines of our lives and then began a compare/contrast activity with ourselves and the characters from the story.

Heritage day picnic is Friday at 12:00.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

8 more days and counting!!

Morning Journal:  It is national wear sunscreen day!!  What is your ideal activity to do on summer vacation?

Morning Math:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiple Step Word Problem, Multiplication

Math:  We played review game with elapsed time.  I also went through problems that will be just like the ones on our test tomorrow.  The students were told to bring home their math journals to practice the problems tonight.  If they bring it back signed and returned to show they studied, then they will receive 10 bonus points on their test.

Reading:  We completed a sequencing activity with our story from last week.  We have begun to create our own time lines of important events in our lives.

Writing:  We have started creating our third grade memory books.  This allows the students to reflect on all they have done and learned this school year.

Science:  We looked at minerals that we use and need in every day life.  We focused on renewable, nonrenewable, and pollutions effect on these resources.

SS:  We reviewed the seven continents and four oceans.  They will have a test tomorrow on this concept.  They all have a study guide that was brought home on Friday.  If they bring it back signed and returned tomorrow, then they will receive 10 bonus points on their test.

Heritage Day Picnic is Friday at 12:00 pm.  This is a day of celebration for our school.  The mayor comes and gives a speech at 9:00 am and reflects back on the ways Pineville has changed throughout the years.  It also allows us to celebrate the diversity in our school.  The students will participate in many different activities before the family picnic at 12:00 pm.  All are invited, but if you are unable to attend due to a conflict, then please send in a bag lunch with you child and they will picnic with me and the class.  If you would like to attend and want to sign your child out, then you are more than welcome to do this.  If you can only attend for the picnic, then you will need to sign them for the picnic and then sign them back in after you are done. 

AR:  We are way behind in our AR points and goals.  EVERY student will bring home an AR book each night.  They MUST read this book and be prepared to take an AR test the next morning.  The end of this quarters AR is next Wednesday and the assembly will be next Thursday.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 more days!!!

Only ten more days until school it out!  There is no school on Monday, May 28th.  This is Memorial Day, please use this day to celebrate with your family and discuss the importance of Memorial Day.

Morning Journal:  It's National Brother Day.  If you have a brother, what do you like to do with him and if you do not, what would you like to do with a brother if you have one.

Morning Math:  Place Value, Fractions, Compare and Order Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Bar Graphs, Multiplication

Math:  Telling time on an analog clock to the nearest five minute.  We will have an elapsed time test on Thursday of next week.

Science:  Different kinds of soil and how to tell the differences between each kind.

SS: The seven continents and four oceans.  We learned a song about the seven continents to help us remember them better.  We read about a few different kinds of maps and how they are used.  We will have a test on labeling the seven continents and four oceans, next Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

11 more days and counting!!!

Maps and more maps!!  We are focusing on map skills and how to read a map.  We looked at the seven continents and four oceans.  The students created a map of these locations in the world.  They will bring home the map tomorrow for a test on it next Wednesday.

Morning Journal:  What is your favorite thing to do on a bike?  Where do you like to go?

Morning Math:  We will go over the entire week tomorrow.

Math:  Telling time to the quarter hour.  Please continue to ask your child to read an analog clock.

SS:  Map skills and the seven continents and four oceans. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh boy, one more day down and twelve to go!!!

We only have 12 more days of school left before the end of the school year.  Can you believe it?  It has been a fun and exciting year and we have learned a lot.  We are still learning everyday and have some tests to take.  Some of the students were shocked when I told them, but the year is not over yet.  Please remind your child that they have to focus and pay attention.

Morning Journal:  Free choice!!

Morning Math:  We will go over it tomorrow!!

Math:  We played telling time Bingo!  It was times to the quarter hour. 

Imagine It:  We read Tomas and the Library Lady and the focus was: making connections, predictions, and visualizing.  We began writing a post card to a friend.

SS:  Where are we in the world?  We created a graphic organizer that shows the different locations of where we are in the world.  City=Pineville, County=Mecklenberg, State=North Carolina, Country=United States, Continent=North America.

Science:  We looked closely at the three main types of soil: loam, sand, and clay.  Tomorrow we will inspect the three different types of soil and describe characteristics of each one.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bear With Me!!

This is going to be a crazy week!  We will have EOG make-up testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week.  That means that about half of the class will be re-taking the EOG and the other half will be doing their regular class work with me.  We will also have some students from other classes coming into our room.  We will NOT have any homework this week.  Homework will resume next week!  If your child is re-taking the EOG, then they will not have to complete a morning journal for any of the days that they test.

Morning Journal:  What is the worst accident you have ever had?

Morning Math: Subtraction and Addition, Place Value, Multiplication

Math:  Today we practiced telling time to the quarter hour.  We looked at the vocabulary such as quarter after=quarter past and quarter to=quarter till.  Practice having your child tell you the time on an analog clock at home.

Imagine It:  Today I introduced the storytelling unit.  We looked at using items around the home to remind us of a story.  I read the story Aunt Flossie's Hats and Crab Cakes Later.  This hat focuses on Aunt Flossie using her hat collection to tell stories about her past.

Science:  I introduced the soil unit.  We created our KWHL charts and watched a short video introducing different aspects of soil.  I will be teaching SS and Science at the same time for the remainder of the school year.

Friday, May 18, 2012

EOG Scores are In!!!

All of the students received their EOG scores today.  They also received a piece of paper with their scores on it.  If they have to re-take the math or reading test a piece of paper came home stating this as well.  If your child scored a one on either the reading or math test, you can sign for them to take a re-test, but they will not automatically re-test.

Morning Journal:  What did you like best about the EOGs? Least? What was the easiest? Hardest?

Math:  I re-taught telling time to the hour and half-hour.  We practiced showing these times on our clocks.

The re-test will be next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

EOGs are OVER!!!

We have finished with the first round of EOGs.  We should find out by late tomorrow afternoon which students have passed the reading and math EOG.  Please remember that if your child scores a 2 on either the reading or math portion of the EOG, then they will have to re-take that test.  If your child scores a 1 on either the reading or math portion of the EOG, then you can opt-in to having them take the re-test.  If your child scores a 3 or 4 on the reading or math portion, then they are good to go!!!!  Thank you for all of the wonderful goodies that you sent in this week.  The students have truly enjoyed the breakfast and the awesome supportive notes that you wrote.  Thank you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reading EOG Today!!

We had a great first day of the EOG.  The students were very excited and nervous all at the same time.  Thank you for sending in the letters and food to your students.  They very much appreciated both of these things.  Tomorrow is the math calculator active test.  Please make sure your child gets to bed at a reasonable time tonight and gets to school by 8:00am.  We will have a small snack breakfast again tomorrow. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reading EOG Tomorrow!!!

Today we reviewed for the reading EOG.  We discussed what the students can expect on the reading EOGs and how they need to behave during the test.  We played a math jeopardy review game and practiced some EOG type math questions.  We had a great time during our pep rally by watching a Reading Rainbow episode about the most difficult test in the universe and danced to music.

The students do not have a formal homework assignment tonight.  Instead, they have check list of things they need to do to be successful on the test tomorrow.

**Please make sure your child gets a good nights sleep.
**Please make sure your child eats a good breakfast.  (We will have a small breakfast before the test.)
**Please make sure your child gets to school by 8:00 am.  If they come in after 8:15, they will not be allowed to take the test and will have to sit in the office ALL day.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goodies and Fruits!

Thank you for the yummy goodies and fruit for teacher appreciation week.  I really enjoyed them.

Morning Journal:  It's transportation day.  If you could take a trip on any type of transportation, what would it be and why?

Morning Math:  Place Value, Comparing Numbers, Temperature, Number Line with Odd and Even Numbers

Math:  Probability:  Today we looked at whether or not events are likely or unlikely.  We talked about having more or less of something and whether it would change our odds.

Reading:  This week's strategies are:  cause and effect, details, main idea, inference, summarize, context clues.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

National Nature Month

It's national nature month.  What will you do to celebrate?

Morning Journal:  I'm sorry I can't remember.  I will have to post this one tomorrow.

Morning Math:  Multiplication, Elapsed Time, Addition, Subtraction

Math:  Permutations:  These are very similar to combinations, except that order matters.  For example:  If I want to put three toys on a book shelf, a teddy bear, a book, and a truck, but I can only put the truck in the middle.  How many different ways can I put the toys on the shelf?  1. book, truck, teddy bear 2. teddy bear, truck, book.  There are only two different ways.

Reading:  This week's strategies:  context clues, inference, sequence, cause and effect, details, main idea.

EOG Schedule
May 15: Reading
May 16: Math
May 17: Math

**Don't forget about your homework assignment, due on Thursday.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you to all the wonderful parents that sent in flowers for teacher appreciation week.  It was so nice to see all of the beautiful colors.

Morning Journal:  It's no homework day!  What would you do to make sure your students are completing their homework?  What type of assignments would you give them?

Morning Math:  Two Dimensional Figures, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication

Math: Combinations:  We make combinations of things all day every day and when you are making combinations you need to make an organized list.  For example:  I go into my closet and have to choose from one red shirt, one green shirt and I want to pair them with a pair of jeans, shorts, and skirt.  How many different combinations can I make?
1. RS, Jeans
2. RS, Shorts
3. RS, Skirt
4. GS, Jeans,
5. GS, Shorts
6. GS, Skirt

To check multiply the number of shirts by the number of bottoms: 2x3=6.

Reading:  This week we are using an informational text to apply the reading skills and strategies.  Today we practiced the QAR of right there, think and search, author and me, and on my own.

May 15th: Reading
May 16th: Math
May 17th: Math

Thursday, May 3, 2012


That's right, I said ten bonus points.  If your child studies their morning math tonight and gets it signed by you, then they will receive ten bonus points on their morning math test.  More of an incentive to study if you ask me.

Morning Journal:  FREE CHOICE!!

Morning Math:  Please see this week's morning math sheet.

Math:  We took our fractions test today!  I will try to get them home tomorrow.

Reading:  We reviewed all of the skills and strategies this week and clarified anything they were still confused on in both the passage and the questions.

Please look for your homework assignment to come home tomorrow.  I will also send home the EOG breakfast sign-up sheet.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's National Sibling Day!

Do you have a brother or sister?  I happen to have a sister and today is her birthday!

Morning Journal:  If you have a sibling, describe a time you had fun with them.  If you do not have a sibling, tell me what you would like to do if you had one.

Morning Math:  Addition, Subtraction, Place Value, Patterns

Math:  FRACTIONS!  We reviewed all of the fraction concepts that we have learned.  The test will be tomorrow.  All of the students brought home a review sheet with the fraction concepts on it to study.

Reading:  We reviewed the vocabulary for this week's story.  The following skills are the focus this week:  context clues, drawing conclusions, compare and contrast, figurative language, text features.

EOG Schedule
May 11th:  Pep Rally in Classroom at 1:30.
May 15th:  Reading
May 16th: Math
May 17th:  Math

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To pass or not to pass, that is your decision.

We had a long conversation today about the EOGs and the most effective way to pass.  We discussed some of the problems with listening and paying attention and how we thought they could do better at these things.  Some of the students claimed it was a "habit" to talk while other people were talking and I told them that this was a habit they needed to break quickly.  We only have a week and a half until EOGs and I still have two more math units to teach.  We need FOCUS at this point on everything.  Please help me to encourage your child to listen and focus during this important time.

Morning Journal:  If you could create any restaurant, what would it be and why?

Math:  Adding Money, Patterns, Multiplication Fact Families, Subtraction with Place Value Blocks.

Math:  FRACTIONS!!!  We reviewed over all of the fraction concepts that we have studied.  We will play a review game tomorrow for a test on fractions, Thursday!

Reading:  Today we covered the following skills and strategies: context clues, compare and contrast, drawing conclusions, figurative language, text features, imagery.

EOG Test Dates
May 15: Reading
May 16: Math
May 17: Math