Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Butter Battle Book

This is Read Across America week!! Try to read a little bit with your child each day. Ask them questions about what you have read. There are some great question stems in the reading section of your child's FROG binder. For our first story we read "The Butter Battle Book". This book brought up a lot of discussion about why it was such a big deal that people have such small differences. I am hoping this will help remind them about being an "upstander" and not judging others for their differences!

Morning Journal: I let them work on their writing project for Mr. Sid. He wants them to write a song, poem, story, or play about being an upstander, bullying, friendship, or being truthful. They will get to work on these tomorrow during this time.

Morning Math: Subtraction with Money, Place Value, Addition

Math: Customary Capacity Conversions with Super "G" to the rescue. I teach them how to use the Super "G" tool and also how to use multiplication and division to find the correct conversions. There homework tonight has an example of Super "G".

Imagine It: Ask your child to explain to you different cause and effect relationships. I want them to understand that an effect is the direct result of a cause.

Science: We picked our science fair projects and looked more in depth at the scientific method. They will get their project assignments and groups tomorrow.

March 2: Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss' Birthday
March 22: Science Fair

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