Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Debate is On!!!!

Today we had a debate about whether or not the government should still help to fund NASA exploration of new planets with a satellite called Kepler. The debate was awesome and I am going to e-mail all of you the footage from our debate. The students wanted to keep going because they were enjoying themselves so much. We will continue our debate another day. I look forward to hearing all of their view points. Please ask your child the stance they took in today's debate and why they decided to take that stance.

Morning Journal: What would you choose between flying like a bird or swimming like a fish and why? From now on if the students do not finish their morning journal at school, they will have to complete it for homework. I will write in their agenda if they need to finish their morning journal.

Instead of morning math we practiced identifying synonyms and antonyms.

Math: We reviewed over all of the different types of patterns and how to solve these problems. We will have a test on patterns tomorrow.

SS: We took our SS test on all of the different types of communities.

Barnes and Noble night is tonight at 5:00pm! It will be celebrating our new school going green!

Midterms come home tomorrow!

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