Monday, February 13, 2012


The constellation project is due tomorrow!!! We are going to present all projects tomorrow, so please make sure your child brings their project to school with them. They will have points taken off their project for each day the project is turned in late.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow!! If your child is bringing in Valentines, they must bring one for every person in our class. Please check to make sure that your child did not write anything unkind on any of the Valentines. We do not want any hurt feelings.

Morning Journal: Imagine you have just been picked to be the first child astronaut, what would you like to explore and why?

Morning Math: Place Value Name (Hundred Thousands, Ten Thousands, Thousands and Hundreds), subtraction in a word problem, rounding, and addition.

Math: Patterns with in/out boxes. When a number goes into the in and then another number comes out, you have to figure out what happened to the in number to get the out number. For example: In: 7 Out: 3, In: 9 Out 5, In: 56 Out: 52, In: 24 Out: ?, What is the rule?

Imagine It and SS: We are beginning a new unit on communities. Once again we will work across the curriculum to study all of the different aspects of a community. Today we discussed our different roles in the community and how an adult and child's roles compare and contrast. We read "A River Ran Wild" to introduce our community unit. We looked at how the actions of humans can effect a community and then how a community can work together to make positive changes.

We decorated our bags for Valentine's Day. If your child is bringing Valentines, they will need to keep them inside their book bags until I have them deliver them into the bags at the back of the classroom. We will not open Valentines at school. I will send home everyone's bags with them, so they can open and read through their Valentines at home.

If you would like to send in a special treat for the class, that will be fine. We have 22 students in our class.

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