Thursday, February 9, 2012

Read carefully and say kind things!

In today's morning meeting, we discussed choosing our words carefully when speaking to other people and trying to say kind things. We are having a lot of students calling each other unkind names and telling each other to shut up. We discussed kinder ways to express our emotions when we are upset with someone and how get help from an adult if someone is saying unkind things to us.

Morning Journal: If you could play any winter sport, what would it be and why? Some students did not like any winter sports, so I let them choose a summer sport instead. I am not particularly fond of winter sports myself after a particularly frightened incident when I was only nine years old. I was let go at the top of large hill on skis for the very first time and not told how to stop. The only skiing I had ever seen was professional skiing and I crouched down and flew!!! Do you know how fast the bottom of a hill comes when you are crouched down? I ended up throwing myself down, right before I went over the mountain and I have never been skiing again.

Morning Math: Rounding to the Nearest 100, multiplication, secret number, place value
I also went over the test for tomorrow and told the students which problems will be on their test from their morning math sheet this week. Hopefully this will narrow down what they should be studying. I suggested that every student put this into their FROG binder to review tonight for homework.

Math: I went over the correct answers to the geometry test. The students discovered that they need to make sure to read carefully when looking at a description of a geometric shape. It may be one small detail that will eliminate an answer choice, but that one small detail makes all the difference. Please look over this test with your child and ask them to describe to you the mistakes they made and how they can work to improve the next time. For homework, they are review basic number patterns. We have been working on these since the beginning of the school year, so this should be a review.

Imagine It: We finished "popcorn" reading our story. I asked some comprehension questions to review for the test tomorrow and suggested that everyone take home their Imagine It book to re-read the story. We went to the book fair during the first part of Imagine It and previewed all of the awesome books. They have some great choices at this seasons book fair.

AR: I have been reading the "I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor" book that I received at last seasons book fair. This is a fun and exciting series, that teaches a lot of our country's history. The "I Survived" series is being sold at the book fair. The student's always get disappointed when I close the book and tell them they have to wait until tomorrow. I'm sure they would enjoy reading these books at home.

**Science test tomorrow.
**Class pictures tomorrow.
**Constellation project and Valentine's Day on February 14th.

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