Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Science Test!

We will have a science test on the sun, moon, and stars on Friday. I sent home a study guide today. Please study with your child each night. The constellation project is due on February 14th. If you need me to print out any information, please have your child let me know first thing in the morning.

Morning Journal: Why do you think it is important to work in groups? What skills do you need to work well in a group?

Morning Math: Place value, adding and subtracting money, subtraction with regrouping, and patterns.

Math: We took our geometry test and I looked over everyone's test and gave them a second chance glance! This means I looked over the test and sent them back to check over the problems they got wrong. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to self-correct their mistakes.

Imagine It: We finished reading "Earth: Our Planet in Space". We practiced using our strategies: summarizing, clarifying, and adjusting our reading speed. All students were assigned this story to read tonight and are supposed to finish a summarizing activity in their reading journals.

Science: We reviewed for our science test on the sun, moon, and stars.

February 9: Book Fair Starts and Preview Day
February 14: Constellation Project Due and Valentine's Party
February 16: Pineville Math Night (FREE EVENT!)

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