Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Clean!!!

Today we cleaned out our desks and wiped them down with sanitizing wipes. There are so many different viruses going around right now, that I wanted to get a fresh clean start. We are now all clean and organized, at least for today! I should have taken a picture, because it will probably not last long.

Morning Journal: If I lived on the moon, I would...

Morning Math: Estimation Measurement, Addition with Regrouping, least to greatest, place value

Math: We went over our homework from last night. This was a review of 3-dimensional shapes and their faces, edges, and vertices. We also had three subtraction problems with re-grouping. A few of the students are forgetting how to regroup with a math problem. Please give your child a few subtraction problems with re-grouping to practice at home. For example 481-295= or $5.95-$2.66=. I introduced geometric patterns today. First we practice some basic geometric patterns ABABAB, ABBABBABB, AABBAABBAABB, then we practiced growing patterns ABAABAAABAAAAB, ABAABBAAABBBAAAABBBB. We also made patterns on the SMART board that were pointed in different directions and had different designs drawn on them. Ask your child to give you an example of a basic pattern and a growing pattern.

Imagine It: Today we "popcorn" read our story "Earth: Our Planet in Space" . We practice comparing and contrasting different parts of the story and discussed the author's purpose and text features that show us what the author's purpose would be for the story. The students compared and contrasted summer and winter with a partner. Any student that did not finish at school, needs to finish for homework tonight.

Book Fair Preview is tomorrow at 11:35. You can send in money if you would like for your child to buy tomorrow.

Class Picture Day is Friday! Order forms came home today.

Science test on the sun, moon, and stars is Friday. The study guide came home yesterday.

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