Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clues, Problems, Wonderings

Today we practiced the strategy of clues, problems, and wonderings.  This strategy helps your child in their reading to pause and think about what they have read.  Tonight for homework, your child needs to complete their clues, problems, and wonderings chart with the book they are reading.

Morning Journal:  If you could be any wild animal, what would you be and why?  Must be five sentences.

Writing Workshop:  We continued to write to the prompt: If I were president of Independence Elementary, I would...

Reading Workshop:  Clues:  This may be the title, pictures, captions, charts, graphs, and writing in the text.  Problems:  This may be problems the characters are having or problems the student may have with words or sentences in the story.    Wonderings:  These are questions that you may have about the story.

Math Workshop:  We played the word problem game.  The students moved around the classroom and answered each others word problems.

SS:  We discussed the First Continental Congress and how this affected the colonists and their relationship with Britain.

Science:  We reviewed over states of matter and how they are affected by change.  We will have a test this Friday.

**We will have a fundraiser night at Nishie G's this Thursday.

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