Monday, November 5, 2012


I hope that you guys can join us at the fall festival today from 6-8pm.  It is going to be fun for everyone.

**There is no school tomorrow.  It is election day.  Go out and VOTE!!!!!

Morning Journal:  What is your favorite type of pretzel?  Must be five sentences.

Writing Workshop:  If I were president of Independence Elementary, I would...

Reading Workshop:  Today we practiced a new strategy of STP.  This means: Stop, Think, Paraphrase.  Have your child practice reading a book to you and doing this strategy.

Math Workshop:  We played a game to practice our multi-digit addition and subtraction facts.  Tonight for homework the students need to create two subtraction word problems that are to the 100's.

SS:  We looked at the reasons for the American Revolution.  The students saw that after the British put the taxes in place, that the colonists were very angry.  When the colonists began to revolt, the British put the Intolerable Acts in place.  Ask your child what the Intolerable Acts are and what this means for the colonist.

Science:  We made our own condensation with ice and water.  We discovered how condensation is made on the grass and cars in the morning.  We looked at how matter freezes, melts, and boils.

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