Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today we looked at the different ways that heat is made. We discovered that heat is a form of energy that moves between objects.  Heat travels through solids, liquids, and gases.  The sources of heat are where the heat comes from.  Some examples include: sun, fire, light bulbs, stove, etc.  Ask your child to try and find some sources of heat around your house.

Morning Journal:  What book would you like to read and why?  Must be five sentences.

Science:  Please see above with heat.

Math:  We discovered different types of patterns and how they each must have a rule.  We learned that patterns can not be random, that is why they are patterns.  We saw that we must go through the entire pattern to figure out the rule, because the pattern may switch from one to another.

SS:  We completed the study guide for the causes of the American Revolution.  The students should have brought this home today.  The test will be on Friday.

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