Thursday, November 15, 2012

Martha is Terrific Kid!!

Martha won our Terrific Kid for the month of November.  She has done a great job of working hard and showing friendship towards all students.

Number of the Day:  1500 (next odd, next even, 10 more, 10 less)

Writing Workshop:  In writing we focused on how to change our wording in stories to make them more interesting.  I read a story that I wrote, to my students and then showed them how I made slight changes to my story to make it more interesting.

Reading Workshop:  We discussed the sequencing of a story.  The students brainstormed all of the different time order words to help them sequence a story.  Examples: First, Next, Then, Last, After, Later, Before, Beginning, etc. 

Math Workshop:  We continued to work on patterns and extending patterns.

SS:  We reviewed for the causes of the Revolutionary War test.

Science:  We discovered that temperature is the measurement of how hot or cold an something is.  We are creating a mini-booklet to bring home and study over the weekend.  The test for heat will be on Tuesday.

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