Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Town Hall Meeting!!

We had a wonderful town hall meeting today and learned all about patience.  If you want to see some real patience, check out the video we watched called: The Marshmellow Test.  I'm not so sure if some of our kids could hold out for that second marshmellow.

We will have late start tomorrow.  The students must be here by 9:30am.

Number of the Day:  1300 (when is it big, when is it small, ten more, ten less, 100 more, double it)

Writing Workshop:  We finished our Veterans Day letters and continued to work on our small moment stories.

Reading Workshop:  We took our first reading passage test.  This test will allow the students to practice all of the skills and strategies that are being taught.  It will show them the different types of questions that will be asked on the PASS test.  We will take a reading passage test every other week.

Math Workshop:  We discussed different types of patterns.  We discussed that when you look at a pattern problem you MUST first find the rule of the patterns, then determine the pattern stem/unit (or if there is one), and finally how to continue or extend the pattern.  Tonight for homework the students are supposed to look at the addresses in their neighborhood and determine if these follow a pattern.

SS:  Who are the loyalist? Who are the patriots?  Which one would you side with in the Revolutionary War?  Ask your child these questions and see if they can have an educated discussion.  There will be a test on the causes of the war on Friday.  A study guide will come home tomorrow.

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