Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday!! (That's all I could think to call it.)

Morning Journal:  Are you a spender or a saver?  If you are a spender, what do you spend your money on and why?  If you are a saver, what do you save your money for and why?

Writing Workshop:  We are continuing to add good words and details to our small moment stories.

Reading Workshop:  We reviewed over sequencing and how to use time order words to retell a story.

Math Workshop:  Today we worked on function boxes, more commonly known as in/out boxes.  The in/out box puts a number into the "magic box" and some magic happens to the number to make the out number.  For example: In goes 2 and out comes 8, in goes 10 and out comes 16, in goes 5 and out comes 11.  The rule of the box is + 6.

SS:  We took our test on the causes of the American Revolution.

Science:  We reviewed over heat and the different ways it is made.  We will have a test on this concept on Tuesday.  A study guide came home today and another one will come home on Tuesday.

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