Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy, Busy!!

After being out for most of last week and then us going home early on Friday, this week will be very busy!!!

**Report cards will come home tomorrow!!!**

**Parent night is this Thursday night at 6:00pm!**

Morning Journal:  It is the anniversary of the Challenger explosion.  If I could be an astronaut, I would...  (Must be 7 sentences this quarter.)

Writing Workshop:  We will continue to practice sentence corrections for the PASS test.  We are working on our small moment stories and we will finish these by Wednesday.  All stories will be in the hallway for you to view on Thursday night!

Reading Workshop:  We are working on the /j/ sound, spelled ge and gi_, the /s/ sound, spelled ce and ci_, and long vowels a and e.  This week I am introducing the process of reading a passage and correctly answering the questions.  Today, we just focused on reading the title and introduction and making a prediction.  These strategies will help the students understand how questions are asked on the PASS test and all future tests.

Math Workshop:  We reviewed over odd/even multplication combinations.  I introduced multiplying by 10's, 100's, and 1,000's.  We will review this again tomorrow.

SS:  We are discussing the events leading up to the Civil War.  Right now we are focusing on the North's and South's views on slavary and how this began to separate them.

Science:  We watched a Magic School Bus video all about Animals and Their Habitats.

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