Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

Monday Morning Journal:  This is national bird feeder month.  What can you do to protect the environment?

Tuesday Number of the Day:  807 (next odd, next even, 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, when is it big, when is it small)

Writing Workshop:  We are once again talking about the Donald Crews books Big Mama's and Short Cut.  The book Short Cut is a small moment story from the story of Big Mama's.  The goal is to get the students to narrow down their stories to one small moment that happened in their lives.  Instead of writing about the whole Christmas day, they need to write about walking down the stairs and seeing their presents for the first time or opening up that one special present.  I want them to put a lot of detail into these stories to really get the reader to understand the feelings they felt during this moment in their lives.

Reading Workshop:  We have started new reading groups and the students have new levels.  We are continuing our study of the phonics sounds and sound spelling.  This has been really successful this year and the students continue to improve in both their reading and writing skills.

Math Workshop:  We are continuing to practice the multiplication strategies of drawing pictures, arrays, and using repeated addition.  I am introducing the "tricks" for each of the factors this week.  We are also singing some fun skip counting songs to help them remember how to skip count with all of the numbers.

Science:  On Monday we took our test on seeds, plants, and seed dispersal.  These will come home next Tuesday.  The students did well overall.  Today we began our study of animal life cycles.  We watched a short video about the life cycles and we will create one of the life cycles on paper tomorrow.

SS:  We have started studying the organization of our government with the three branches of government.  We are looking at our local and state government and how things are run on a daily basis.

**Third grade will be hosting a parent night on January 31st at 6:30pm.  I hope you can attend.

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